The human body requires a balanced diet
An unhealthy diet can cause various health problems
Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are on the increase
Many people nowadays rely on fast food or pre-prepared meals
These foods often contain too much fat, salt and sugar
They are cheap to buy and very easy to prepare
Many young people have grown up on a diet of convenience foods
Populations in developed countries are increasingly overweight


Regular exercise is essential in maintaining a healthy body
Exercise burns calories and helps to build healthy bones and muscles
Doctors advise exercising at least three times a week for 20 minutes
Most people nowadays lead a sedentary lifestyle
We tend to walk less and do desk jobs
Most adults relax by watching television
Children play video games rather than doing outdoor sports
In the past, people were more active in their jobs and at home

Government’s Role

Governments have a significant role to play in reducing obesity
More and more people, including young children are seriously overweight
They are at risk of heart disease and diabetes
This situation will increase the burden on hospitals and taxpayers
Hospitals rely on the government for money and resources
Governments should promote a healthy diet and regular exercise
There should be more time for sports on school timetables
Unhealthy junk food should be banned from school menus
People need information about what foods contain
Food packaging must show the food’s nutritional content
The British Government recommends eating five portions of fruit and vegetables per day

State Health system: advantages

Good healthcare should be available to everyone for free
State healthcare is paid by the government using money from taxes
Everyone has access to the same quality of care and treatment
Private healthcare is unfair because only wealthy people can afford it
The National Health Service in the UK provides free healthcare for every resident

Private Healthcare: advantages

State hospitals are often very large and difficult to run
Private hospitals have shorter waiting lists for operations and appointments
Patients can benefit from faster treatment
Many people prefer to pay for more a personal service
Patients have their own room and more comfortable facilities

Alternative medicine: Positives

People are increasingly using alternative medicines to treat illnesses.
For example, acupuncture can be used to treat backache
Herbal medicines can be used to treat allergies or viruses
Many patients report positive experiences with these treatments
Some traditional cures have been used for hundreds of years

Alternative medicine: Negatives

Many alternative medicines have not been tested scientifically
They may have no beneficial effect at all
They may cause unknown side effects
People should trust the opinions of qualified doctors
An illness could get worse without treatment from a doctor


Modern lifestyles are increasingly stressful
People work long hours with strict deadlines
Our busy lifestyles mean we have less time to relax
Unemployment is a major cause of stress
Children may be affected by their parents’ relationship problems
Tests and exams can also cause stress

How to reduce stress

Stress can be reduced by taking regular exercise and eating a healthy diet
It is also important to get sufficient sleep and make leisure time a priority
People should work less overtime and take regular holidays
Schools have started to employ psychologists
They can offer emotional support to students
They can help students to cope with exam stress