State/council housing

In some countries the government provides state or council housing
This helps people who cannot afford to buy their own house
It can be argued that state housing creates dependence on the government
People should be rely on the government to look after them
People have no incentive to earn money and buy their own home
Council properties are often made with cheap, poor-quality materials.

Old Buildings

Historic buildings are part of a country’s heritage
They should be protected
Old buildings are often considered to be works or art
They give character to cities and attract tourists
They show us how people lived in the past
We identify countries by architectural symbols like the pyramids in Egypt
Governments should spend money on looking after historic buildings
They need regular repairs and maintenance
New buildings should be designed to complement them

Modern/green buildings

Modern buildings should be designed to be environmentally friendly
They should use less energy and produce less waste
Modern insulation can make houses more energy-efficient
Solar and wind power can be used to generate electricity
Rainwater and waste water can be recycled and used to flush toilets.
Modern glass buildings take advantage if natural light