Positives of Tourism

Tourism is a popular leisure activity
People go on holiday to relax and have fun
Tourists can experience different cultures
They can sunbathe on beaches or go sight-seeing
Travelling abroad opens our minds
We can learn to speak other languages
The tourist trade is vital for some economies
It creates employment in services like accommodation, transport and entertainment
Some areas rely on tourism for their income
Tourists spend money
Tourism attracts investment from multi-national companies
It helps to improve the standard of living
Low-cost airlines are making it cheaper to travel abroad

Negative effects of tourism

Tourism can have a negative effect on the natural environment
The building of facilities and infrastructure can destroy the habitat of wild animals
Beautiful beaches are spoilt by the building of hotels
Tourism creates pollution and waste
It puts pressure on local resources
Local traditional and cultures may be endangered
A rise in the cost of living affects local people
The price of goods, services and housing may increase significantly

The future of tourism

Government should introduce laws to protect natural environments and local cultures
Tourism should have a low impact on wildlife
Renewable resources like solar or water power should be used
Waste should be recycled
Local businesses such as farms should be supported