Losing traditional skills

Because of industrialization and global trade, many traditions have disappeared
Global advertising encourages everyone to buy the same products
Most products are now made in factories
Machinery has replaced skilled human labour
Factory work is boring and leaves people feeling unfulfilled
Goods are produced very quickly and in large numbers
Products are cheaper, which means that more people can buy them


Clothes are mass produced in standard sizes
People wear similar clothes, rather than traditional costumes
Jeans and T-shirt are now worn throughout the world
Historic buildings took skilled craftsmen years to build
Modern concrete, steel and glass buildings are built in only weeks or months
There are fewer people who can create hand-made goods

Traditional customs

Traditional customs are still important during weddings and religious festivals
People wear traditional costumers and eat special foods
It is important to maintain our different cultural identities
We should celebrate festivals, teach traditional skills and protect historic places