Police and Crime Prevention

The job of the polices is to catch criminals
They must also prevent crime and make communities safer
There should be an increase in the number of police officers on the streets
Police officers should be seen as part of the community
They should be involved with education and prevention
The police should be in close contact with schools
They should focus on young people who have dropped out of school.
These teenagers may become involved with gangs


Fines are used as punishment for minor crimes
If the crime is more serious, prison is the most common punishment
Some criminals pose a threat to society
They are put in prison to ensure the safety of other citizens

Negatives of Prisons

Criminals are put together
They make friends with other offenders
Many prisoners re-offend when they are released
A criminal record makes finding a job more difficult


Another aim of prisons is rehabilitation
Prisoners receive education of vocational training
Prisoners should learn personal skills and specific job skills
Punishment could make prisoners’ behavior worse
Rehabilitation aims to make them better citizens
Rehabilitated prisoners are less likely to re-offend

Capital punishment

Supporters say that capital punishment deters crime
Fear of the death penalty stops people from committing offences
The death penalty shows that crime is not tolerated
It is a form of revenge
The cost of imprisonment is avoided
The offender cannot pose a threat to others

Against Capital Punishment

Innocent people could be wrongly convicted and executed
Crime rates are not necessarily reduced
Many criminals do not think they will be caught
Capital punishment is not a good deterrent
Executing prisoners creates a violent culture and encourages revenge
We have no right to take another human life

Community service

Community service is a way to reform offenders
It could be a solution to prison overcrowding
It avoids the cost of imprisonment
It makes offenders useful in their local communities
They are required to clean streets or talk to school groups
Offenders repay their community
They avoid the negative influence that prison can have

Against community service

Community service is not a sufficient punishment
Criminals should be locked up, away from their victims

Crime in the Media

Crime is one of the main subjects of most news programs.
The mass media focus on violent and sensational crimes
This lead to fear of crime among the public
Sensational stories attract more viewers or readers
The media report crime stories in order to increase their audience