1. damage do/cause damage (to sth)
  2. danger be in danger; be out of danger
  3. day off have/take a day off
  4. debt be in debt (to sb)
  5. decision make/take a decision (to do sth); come to/reach a decision (about sth)
  6. demand demand sth; demand (that) + clause; be in demand; a demand for sth
  7. deny deny sth/doing
  8. depend depend on sth; depend on sb; be dependent on sth
  9. despite despite sth/doing; despite the fact (that) + clause
  10. describe describe sth as; describe sth to sb description give a description of sth
  11. differ differ from sth
  12. difference make a difference; tell the difference (between); there’s no/some/little/etc difference between
  13. difficult be difficult to do; find sth difficult; find it difficult to do
  14. difficulty have difficulty (in) doing
  15. direction a change of direction; in the direction of sth; in this/that direction
  16. discuss discuss sth/doing (with sb)
  17. discussion have a discussion (with sb) about sth/doing
  18. disguise in disguise; wear a disguise; disguise yourself
  19. disguised be disguised as sth
  20. do do sth (about sth); do your best; do your homework; do the ironing; do the housework; do the cooking; do the washing-up; do damage (to sth); do a job; do an exercise; do an experiment; do research; do some work; do sb a favour; do well/badly (at/in sth); sth does you good; do sth good/bad/stupid/etc; do good; do your duty
  21. doubt have a/no/some/etc doubt about sth; have no doubt (that) + clause; there is no doubt (that) + clause; be in doubt (that) + clause; doubt if/whether + clause
  22. dream have a dream (about sth/doing);
    dream about sth/doing; dream of doing
  23. duty do your duty; a sense of duty; be on duty