1. hair cut/brush/wash your hair; have/get your hair cut; have/get a haircut; have a hair wash
  2. happen sth happens; happen to do
  3. happy be happy to do sth; be happy r sb (to do sth); be happy about sth/doing
  4. have have to do; have sth to do;, have a party; have a good time (doing); have kineal; have a plan; have an idea; have an interview; have an argument; have a lesson; have a family; have an effect (on sth); have a chance to do; have difficulty (in) doing
  5. head off the top of your head; head
    for/towards a place; head overheels
  6. health be in good/bad/poor/etc health hear hear sth;- hear about sth; hear from sb
  7. height in height; afraid of heights
  8. hold hold on (to sth); put sb on hold
  9. holiday go/be on holiday; have/take a holiday
  10. home make yourself at home; be/stay at home; go home; make your way home
  11. homework do your homework; have homework (to do)
  12. hope hope (that) + clause; hope to do; hope for sth
  13. hour half an hour; a quarter of an hour; in an hour
  14. housework do (the) housework