1. rather rather (not) do sth; rather than; rather + adjective/adverb
  2. reach reach (a town, city, building, other place)
  3. reason a feason why + clause; reason with sb
  4. refer refer to sth; refer sb to sth
  5. refuse refuse to do sth; refuse sth
  6. regard regard sb as (being) sth
  7. regret regret (not) doing; regret sth; regret to tell/inform you
  8. rely rely on sth
  9. remember remember to do; remember sth/doing; remember (that) + clause
  10. research carry out/do research (on/into sth)
  11. respect respect sth; respect sb for sth/doing; have respect for sth
  12. responsibility have/take (the) responsibility for sth/doing
  13. responsible be responsible for sth/doing
  14. result be a result of sth/doing; result in sth; result in (your) doing; result from sth/doing
  15. route plan your/a route; take a route