Put to where necessary before the infinitives in brackets.
1You needn’t (come) tomorrow.
2People used (travel) on horseback.
3I’ll have (hurry).
4You ought (take) a holiday.
5I’ll (lend) him some money.
6You are (go) at once.
7We didn’t have (pay) anything.
8There won’t (be) enough room for everyone.
9You can (see) the windmill from here.
10He was able (explain).
11We may have (stay) here all night.
12He used (spend) a lot of time in his library.
13He didn’t dare (say) anything.
14Don’t (move).
15We’ll (look) for a hotel.
16You needn’t (look) for a hotel; I’ll be able (put) you up.
17The doctor said that I ought (give up) smoking.
18He used to drink quitea lot.
19He should (be) ready by now.

20May I (ask) you a question?
21I shan’t be able (do) it till after the holidays.
22I didn’t need (say) anything.
23How dare you (open) my letters!
24They ought (warn) people about the dangerous currents.
25I should (say) nothing about it if I were you.
26You are not (mention) this to anyone.
27Why do they (obey) him?~
They don’t dare (refuse).
28You must (look) both ways before crossing the road.
29Your map may (have been) out of date.
30You ought (have finished) it last night.
31I must (say) I think you behaved very badly.
32I will have (carry) a tent.
33We’ve got (get out).
34It might (kill) somebody.
35Ought you (be) watching TV?
36Shouldn’t you (be) doing your homework?