Answer the following questions (a) in the affirmative (b)in the negative, in each case
repeating the auxiliary and using a pronoun as subject.
Do you need this? ~ Yes, I do/No,I don’t.
Can Tom swim? – Yes, he can/No,he can’t.
Note also:
Is that Bill?~ Yes, it is/No,it isn’t.
Will there be time?~ Yes, there will/No,there won’t.
1Is the water deep?

2Do you know the way?
3Can you swim?
4Does he come every day?
5Is that Tom over there?
6Are you Tom’s brother?
7Must you go?
8Are you enjoying yourselves?
9Did he see you?
10WouldЈ10be enough?
11May I borrow your car?
12Is this the front of the queue?
13Will she be there?
14Do you play cards?
15Should I tell the police?
16Can you cook?
17Are you ready?
18Could women join the club?
19Is your name Pitt?
20Were they frightened?
21Will his mother be there?
22Ought I to get a new one?
23Should I tell him the truth?
24Was the driver killed?
25Have you any money?
26Need we finish the exercise?
27Used he to ride in races?
28Would you like to see him?
29Is this yours?
30Do you want it?
31Can I take it?
32Will you bring it back tomorrow?
33Are you free this evening?
34Am I in your way?
35Need I wear a tie?
36Was that Bill on the phone?