1. ban ban sb from sth/doing; ban sth
  2. bath have/take a bath; run a bath (for sb)
  3. because because + clause; because of sth/doing
  4. bed make the/your bed; go to bed; be/stay/lie in bed; get out of bed
  5. beg beg sb (for sth); beg sb to do
  6. begin begin to do; begin by doing; begin sth
  7. beginning in the beginning; at the beginning (of sth)
  8. belief hold a belief
  9. believe believe sth; believe in sth; believe (that) + clause; believe yourself to be sth
  10. belong belong to sb; belong to a club/etc
  11. benefit benefit from sth; a benefit of sth
  12. best make the best of sth; do your best; be the best at sth/doing
  13. bit a bit + adjective; a bit of sth
  14. blame blame sth (on sth); blame sb for sth/doing; take the blame (for sth/doing); put the blame on sth; be to blame (for sth/doing)
  15. boast boast of/about sth/doing (to sb)
  16. borrow borrow sth (from sb)
  17. bother (not) bother doing; be a bother to do; bother sb
  18. bothered can’t be bothered to do; be not bothered; be bothered by sth
  19. bottom at/on the bottom (of sth)
  20. bound be bound to do
  21. break have/take a break; lunch break; tea break; commercial break; break sth
  22. business be in business; go somewhere on business; a business trip