alone adj. UK ​ /əˈləʊn/ US ​ /əˈloʊn/
If someone is alone, they are not with another person.
→The boy wanted to be alone to think.

apartment n. /əˈpɑːrt.mənt/
An apartment is a set of rooms in a building where people live.
→She has a nice apartment in the city.

article n. /ˈɑːr.t̬ɪ.kəl/
An article is a story in a newspaper or magazine.
→Did you read the article in the newspaper about the soccer game?

artist n. /ˈɑːr.t̬ɪst/
An artist is a person who paints, draws, or makes sculptures.
→He went to Paris to become an artist.

attitude n. /ˈæt̬.ə.tuːd/
Someone’s attitude is the way they feel and think.
→John has a bad attitude. He’s always angry.

compare v. UK ​ /kəmˈpeər/ US ​ /kəmˈper/
To compare means to say how two things are the same and different.
→If you compare cats and dogs, you’ll see that they’re both good pets,

judge v. /dʒʌdʒ/
To judge something is to say if it is good or bad.
→The boy was going tojudge how his mother’s turkey tasted.

magazine n. /ˌmæɡ.əˈziːn/
A magazine is a regular publication with news, stories, and articles.
→She likes to read fashion magazines.

material n. /məˈtɪr.i.əl/
A material is what is used to make something.
→Brick is a good material for building houses.

meal n. /mɪəl/
A meal is a time when food is eaten like breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Breakfast is my favorite meal because I enjoy breakfast foods.

method n. /ˈmeθ.əd/
A method is the way to do something.
→One method to remember things is to tie a string around your finger.

neighbor n. /ˈneɪ·bər/
A neighbor is a person who lives near you.
→I like my neighbor because he’s very friendly.

professional adj. /prəˈfeʃ.ən.əl/
If something is professional, it deals with work that uses special skills.
→If you want to be a pilot, you must have professional training.

profit n. /ˈprɑː.fɪt/
A profit is the extra money you make when you sell something.
→I made a small profit from selling my old clothes.

quality n. /ˈkwɒl.ə.ti/
The quality of something is how good it is.
→The quality of his car is very good.

shape n. /ʃeɪp/
A shape is a simple form like a square or circle.
→The triangle is my favorite shape.

space n. /speɪs/
A space is an empty area.
→I don’t have much space for things in my small house.

stair n. UK ​ /steər/ US ​ /ster/
Stairs are the things that are used to go up in a building.
→You can take the stairs to the second floor.

symbol n. /ˈsɪm.bəl/
A symbol is a thing that stands for something else.
→This symbol tells us that we cannot smoke in this area.

thin adj. /θɪn/
If someone or something is thin, they are not fat.
→The man was thin because he didn’t eat much.


The Crazy Artist

Frenhofer was the best artist in the world. Everyone loved him. The quality of his paintings was very high. He always used the best materials. He made a big profit from his paintings. He had delicious meals with his rich neighbors. He taught art classes. Life was good.

Then his attitude changed. He stopped selling paintings and teaching. He tried a new method of painting. He stayed alone in his apartment all day. He worked all day and all night, rarely eating. Soon Frenhofer became very thin. But he kept working on the same painting for many years. He worked as hard as he could.

Finally, he finished the painting. He was very happy and invited other artists to see it. “I want your professional opinion,” he said. He wanted them to judge it and compare it to other paintings. Everyone was very excited as they went up the stairs to his apartment. Frenhofer was excited to show his painting, and the artists were excited to see it. “They’ll love it,” he thought. But they did not.

They were surprised by his painting. There was no white anywhere. Frenhofer filled the whole painting with lines and colors. There was no space for a normal picture. It was full of strange shapes. It looked bad to the other artists. He used symbols, and they didn’t understand them. They thought it was terrible. “Why did you paint this strange picture?” someone asked. They didn’t understand its beauty.

But after some time, many people began to like his painting. People wrote articles about it in magazines. They said it was his best work. They loved his strange symbols. They loved his strange colors.

Frenhofer’s painting reminded everyone that just because something was new didn’t mean that it was bad. He also helped them to realize that sometimes it takes people a little time to understand great things.