advance v.
To advance is to go forward.
→He advanced up the ladder slowly.

athlete n.
An athlete is a person who plays sports.
→Some athletes can play many sports very well.

average adj.
If something is average, it is at a normal level.
→I ’m not rich or poor; I’m average.

behavior n.
Your behavior is the way you act.
→Their behavior was good this semester. They didn’t cause trouble.

behind prep.
Behind means to be at the back of something.
→The little girl was hiding behind a tree.

course n.
A course is a class in school.
→I took a P.E. course in school this year.

lower v.
To lower something is to make it go down.
→The chart shows how his production has lowered over the year.

match v.
To match is to be the same or similar.
→The two shoes matched. They looked the same.

member n.
A member is a person who is part of a group.
→Julie is the newest member of our team.

mental adj.
If something is mental, it has to do with your mind.
→I made a mental picture of the room.

passenger n.
A passenger is a person who rides in a car, train, or airplane.
→One passenger was standing in the subway train.

personality n.
Your personality is what you are like and how you behave.
→John has a bad personality.

poem n.
A poem is a short kind of writing.
→William Shakespeare wrote many poems.

pole n.
A pole is a long thin stick made of wood or metal that supports things.
→The flag was hanging from the flag pole.

remove v.
To remove something is to take it away.
→I removed the nail from the board.

safety n.
Safety means to be the condition of being safe and free from danger.
→For his own safety, he was placed in a car seat.

Shoot v.
To shoot is to fire something like a bullet at someone or something.
→The hunter raised his gun to shoot at the target.

sound y.
To sound means to make a noise.
→The alarm clock sounded and woke us all up.

swim v.
To swim is to move through water.
→I love to swim in the ocean.

web n.
A web is a home made by a spider.
→Mom cleaned the spiderwebs out of the garage.

The Camp

Stacie wanted to stay at a nice hotel for vacation. But her parents sent her to a terrible camp instead. For breakfast, Stacie liked fresh juice and chocolate milk, but she got water at the camp. In the afternoon she wanted to write poems, but she had to swim. The camp was near an airport with loud planes. Spider bebs hung over her bed. To her, the kids’ average behavior was very bad. No girl matched her personality. She hated it.

One day, they had a class. Mental exercise sounded good to Stacie. But it was a course on water safety. They learned how to be safe passengers on a boat. Stacie didn’t ever plan to go on a boat.

The next day, they played a game. There were a red team and a blue team. Stacie was on the blue team. Each team had to try to remove the other team’s flag from a pole. They also had to use water guns. “ I’m not much of an athlete,” she said. But she still had to play.

Stacie took a water gun and looked for somewhere to hide. A boy said, “ Stacie, you advance to the middle. I will go right. Those two will go left.” Stacie still didn’t want to play. She walked into the forest and saw a red team player coming. Stacie hid behind a tree and then jumped out and shot the other player. “This is fun!” Stacie thought.

Several minutes after advancing further, Stacie saw the red flag. A red team member was watching over it. She shot him with her water gun. Then she lowered the flag and ran back to her team. “ I got it!” she yelled. The blue team won! Stacie was the hero.

For the rest of the week, Stacie had fun. She even made new friends.