1. capable be capable of doing
  2. care care for sth; care about sth/doing; take care of sth
  3. careful be careful with/about/of sth
  4. cause cause sth/sb to do sth; (be/find/look for/etc) the cause of sth
  5. certain make/be certain (that) + clause
  6. chance have/take/get a chance to do; have a chance of doing; be some/little/etc chance of (your) doing; the chances of (your) doing; take a chance (on sth)
  7. charge charge sb with sth; charge sb (for sth/doing); charge an amount of money; take charge (of sth/doing); be in charge (of sth/doing)
  8. choose choose between; choose to do
  9. Christmas at Christmas; this/next/last Christmas; on Christmas Day
  10. claim claim to do/be; claim (that) + clause; make a claim
  11. clock around the clock
  12. close be close to sth/doing; close sth
  13. combination combination of; in combination with
  14. comment comment on sth; make a comment (to sb) about sth
  15. compete compete against/with sb; compete for sth; compete in sth
  16. complain complain (to sb) (about sth/doing); complain of sth
  17. complaint have/make a complaint (about sth); write a letter of complaint (to sb)
  18. compliment compliment sb on sth; pay sb a compliment
  19. concentrate concentrate on sth/doing
  20. conclusion come to the conclusion; in conclusion
  21. confuse confuse sth with sth; be confused about/by sth
  22. congratulate congratulate sb on sth/doing
  23. consider consider sth/doing; consider if/whether + clause; consider sb for sth; be considered strange/normal/etc (for sb to do)
  24. continue continue sth/doing; continue to do; continue with sth
  25. control be in control (of sth); take control (of sth); be under control; be under the control of sb; be out of control; lose control (of sth)
  26. convince convince sb (of sth); convince sb to do; convince sb (that) + clause
  27. cooking do the cooking
  28. cope cope with sth
  29. correspond correspond with sb
  30. courage have the courage to do; it takes courage to do
  31. covered be covered in/with sth
  32. criticise criticise sb (for sth/doing)