1. Easter at Easter; this/next/last Easter
  2. Effect have an effect (on sth); take effect
  3. Effort make an effort; put effort into sth/doing
  4. End in the end; at the end (of sth); come to an end
  5. enjoy enjoy yourself; enjoy sth/doing
  6. enough have enough of sth; have enough sth (to do); verb + adjective/adverb + enough (to do)
  7. evening in the evening; this evening; tomorrow evening
  8. exam take/do/have/pass/fail an exam; sit (for) an exam
  9. except except (for) sth/doing
  10. exercise do an exercise; do some exercise; get exercise
  11. expense at your own expense; a business expense
  12. experience have an experience; have/gain/get experience in/at sth/doing; experience sth; be experienced in/at sth/doing
  13. experiment do an experiment; experiment with sth/doing
  14. explain explain (that) + clause; explain sth