1. fact in fact; the fact (of the matter) is (that) + clause; face the facts; be a fact (that) + clause
  2. fail fail an exam/test/etc; fail to do family have a family
  3. famous be famous for sth/doing fancy fancy sth/sb/doing
  4. fashion be in fashion; be/go out of fashion; fashion model
  5. fault be at fault; find fault with sth
  6. favour do sb a favour; owe sb a favour; be in favour of
  7. feed feed an animal/etc; feed on sth
  8. fill fill sth (up); be filled with sth (note: be full of sth)
  9. fit get/stay/keep/be fit
  10. floor on the (ground/first/second/etc) floor
  11. fond be fond of sth/doing
  12. force force sb to do sth; force sb into sth/doing
  13. forget forget to do; forget about sth/doing; forget doing; forget if/whether + clause
  14. forgive forgive sb for sth/doing fortune make/earn/win/have a fortune
  15. free be free to do; be free from sth/doing; free sth (from sth/doing); free time
  16. friends make/become/be/stay friends (with sb)
  17. full be full of sth (note: be filled with sth) fun be/have fun; make fun of sb
  18. fuss make/cause a fuss (about sth/doing)