havecan meantake(a meal/lesson/bath, etc.),entertain(guests), encounter(difficulty,
etc.),enjoy(a time/journey, etc.). When used in these ways:
(a)haveusually forms its negative and interrogative withdo.
(b)havecan be used in the continuous tenses.

Put the correct form ofhaveinto the following sentences. Useam having, is having,
etc., as a future form.
1We . . .some friends in for dinner tomorrow night.
2You . . .a good journey yesterday?
3Don’t disturb him; he . . .a rest.
4We . . .lunch early tomorrow.
5How many lessons he . . .a week?~
He usually . . .four.
6You . . .earthquakes in your country?
7What time you . . .breakfast? ~
We usually . . .it at8.00.
8What you . . .for breakfast?~
We . . .toast and coffee.
9Why you . . .a cooked breakfast? (negative)~
It’s too much trouble.
10Why were they making such a noise? -They . . .an argument.
11You . . .a thunderstorm yesterday?
12Come in, we . . .a debate.
13You . . .a cup of coffee?~
Yes, please.
14We . . .a meeting tomorrow to discuss safety precautions.
15The tree just missed the roof, we . . .a very lucky escape.
16How did you damage your car? You . . .an accident?
17I . . .a look at that house tomorrow. If I like it I’ll buy it.
18We . . .very bad weather just now.
19I . . .a very interesting conversation with the milkman when my
neighbour interrupted me.
20English people always . . .roast beef for lunch on Sundays?
21It is difficult to learn a foreign language when you . . .an
opportunity of speaking it. (negative)
22The farmers . . .a lot of trouble with foxes at present.
23On the whole women drivers . . .so many accidents as men drivers.
24You . . .anything to eat before you left home?~
Oh yes, I . . .bacon and eggs.
25You . . .any difficulty getting into your flat last night?
26Are you enjoying yourself? ~
Yes, I . . .a wonderful time.
27How often he . . .a singing lesson?
28You . . .a good night? ~
No, I slept very badly.
29Why were they late?~
They . . .a puncture.
30We . . .a party here next week. Would you like to come?
31Why didn’t you speak to her? ~

I . . .a chance. (negative)
32We . . .a lecture next Monday.
33I . . .tea with her tomorrow.
34He . . .an operation next week.
35He ever . . .nightmares?
36When he got tired of it I . . .a try.~
You . . .any luck?~
Yes, I caught a great big fish.