1. idea question an idea; have an idea
  2. impossible be impossible (fnr sb) to rin; find sth impossible; find it impossible to do
  3. impression give sb the impression; do an impression of sb; have the impression; make an impression (on sb)
  4. in case in case + clause; in case of sth
  5. in spite of in spite of sth/doing; in spite of the fact (that) + clause
  6. increase increase sth; an increase in sth; an increase of a certain amount/percentage
  7. independent be independent of/from sth
  8. influence influence sth; have/be an influence on sb
  9. inform inform sb (that) + clause; inform sb about/of sth
  10. inject inject sth (into sth)
  11. injection have an injection (for/against) sth; give (sb) an injection
  12. insist insist on sth/doing; insist (that) + clause
  13. instead of instead of sth/doing
  14. intend intend to do; intend doing intention have the/no intention of doing
  15. interest have/take/express an interest in sth/doing; be in your interest to do
  16. interested be interested in sth/doing
  17. internet on the Internet; over the internet; surf the internet
  18. introduction with the introduction of sth; an introduction to sth
  19. invite invite sb (to sth); invite sb to do
  20. involve involve sth/doing; be involved in sth/doing
  21. ironing do the ironing