1. lack lack sth; a lack of sth; be lacking in sth lead lead to sth; lead to your doing
  2. learn learn about sth/doing; have a lot to learn about sth/doing; learn how to do
  3. least at least; at the very least; last but not least
  4. left be left (somewhere); go/turn/etc left; on the left; on the left-hand side; in the left-hand corner; be left-handed
  5. legal be legal (for sb to do)
  6. lend lend sth to sb; lend sb sth
  7. let let sb do sth; note: be let = be rented
  8. like like sth/doing; like to do; be like sth/doing; be like sb (to do)
  9. likely be likely to do; it is likely (that) + clause listen listen to sth
  10. live live in/at a place; live on sth; live for sth; live to be a certain age
  11. long (for) as long as; (for) a long time; take a long time (to do); long to do; long for sth (to do)
  12. look look at sth; look for sth; have/take a look at sth; look forward to sth/doing
  13. love love sth/doing; love to do; love for sth/doing; be in love with sb