1. mad be mad about sth/doing; go/become mad
  2. make make sb do; be made to do; make a complaint; make a decision; make a difference (to sth); make (sb) a drink; make a fortune; make a fuss (about sth/doing); make a meal; make a mess; make a mistake; make a noise; make a phone call; make a plan; make a suggestion; make an arrangement; make an effort; make friends with sb; make fun of sb; make money; make sense (to do); make sure (that) + clause; make the bed; make the best of sth; make up your mind
  3. manage manage to do
  4. mean mean to do; it/this means (that) + clause; it/this means sth/doing
  5. medicine take medicine; prescribe medicine; practise/study medicine; the best medicine; alternative medicine
  6. mention mention sth (to sb); mention (that) + clause
  7. mess make a mess (of sth)
  8. mind make up your mind; bear (sth) in mind; be in two minds about sth/doing; change your mind (about sth/doing); cross your mind; to my mind; mind if + clause
  9. mistake make a mistake; be a mistake (to do); mistake sb for sb; do sth by mistake
  10. money make/earn/win/save/have money; spend money (on sth/doing); be short of money
  11. mood be in a good/bad mood; be in the right/wrong mood
  12. morning in the morning; this morning; tomorrow morning