1. part take part in sth/doing; be a part of sth; part with sth
  2. party have/throw/give a party; go to a party; dinner/birthday/etc party
  3. pass pass sth (over) to sb; pass an exam/test/etc; pass a building/etc
  4. past in the past; walk/go/etc past sth
  5. permission give sb permission to do; ask (sb) for permission to do; have permission to do; ask for/get permission (from sb) to do
  6. persuade persuade sb to do; persuade sb (that) + clause; persuade sb of sth
  7. phone call make/receive/get a phone call
  8. photo(graph) have/take a photo (of sth)
  9. pity take pity on sb; pity sb; feel pity for sb
  10. place take place; in place of
  11. plan make/follow a plan; plan sth; plan to do
  12. play play a part/role in sth; play with sth; play sth; have a part/role to play in sth;
  13. be/act/star in a play
  14. pleasant be pleasant to sb
  15. pleasure take pleasure in sth/doing; gain pleasure from sth/doing
  16. plenty plenty of sth; plenty more sth; plenty to do
  17. point there’s no point (in) doing; see sb’s point; make a point (of doing); take sb’s point (about sth/doing); see the point (in/of) doing sth
  18. polite be polite to sb
  19. popular be popular with/among sb
  20. prefer prefer to do (rather than [to] do); prefer sth (rather than sth); prefer sth/doing (to sth/doing)
  21. prepare prepare sb for sth; prepare to do; be prepared for sth
  22. pretend pretend to do; pretend (that) + clause
  23. prevent prevent sth; prevent sb from doing; prevent sth from happening/etc
  24. profit make a profit; profit from sth/doing
  25. promise promise to do sth; promise sb sth; the promise of sth; give/make sb a promise
  26. proud be proud of sth/doing purpose do sth on purpose