Add question tags to the following statements:
Tom goes to Bath quite often, doesn ‘the?
He told you about his last trip, didn ‘t he?
It was very cold last night, wasn ‘t it?
Be careful of the contractions ‘sand ‘d:
He’s ready, isn ‘t he? He’s finished, hasn ‘t he?
He’d seen it, hadn’t he? He’d like it, wouldn’t he?
These should be practised mainly with a statement intonation, but they could also be
with a question intonation. See notes to previous exercise.
1The children can read French.
2He’s ten years old.
3Bill came on a bicycle.
4The Smiths have got two cars.
5Your grandfather was a millionaire.
6Tom should try again.
7It could be done.
8Your brother’s here.
9That’s him over there.
10George can leave his case here.
11This will fit in your pocket.
12His wife has headaches quite often.
13She’s got lovely blue eyes.
14The twins arrived last night.
15Mary paints portraits.

16Bill puts the money in the bank.
17Bill put the money in the bank.
18Prices keep going up.
19I’ve seen you before.
20Bill’s written a novel.
21His mother’s very proud of him.
22The twins used to play rugby.
23Tom might be at home now.
24We must hurry.
25You’d been there before.
26You’d like a drink.
27The boys prefer a cooked breakfast.
28Mary ought to cook it for them.
29That was Ann on the phone.
30The Smiths need two cars.
31You’ll help me.
32He used to eat raw fish.
33There’11 be plenty for everyone.
34You’d better wait for Bill.
35You’d come if I needed help.
36You could come at short notice.