Add question tags to the following statements.
Bill doesn’t know Ann.
Bill doesn’tknow Ann, does he?
Ann hasn’t got a phone.
Ann hasn ‘t got a phone, has she?
this/that(subject) becomes itin the tag. there remains unchanged:
That isn’t Tom, is it?
There won’t be time, will there?
All the tags, except the tag for no.30,should be spoken in the usual way with a
statement intonation. But they could also be practised with a question intonation. The
important word in the statement must then be stressed.
1You aren’t afraid of snakes.
2Ann isn’t at home.
3You don’t know French.
4Tom didn’t see her.
5This isn’t yours.
6Mary wasn’t angry.
7Bill hasn’t had breakfast.
8You won’t tell anyone.
9I didn’t wake you up.
10Tom doesn’t like oysters.
11You don’t want to sell the house.
12It doesn’t hurt.
13People shouldn’t drink and drive.
14You aren’t going alone.
15They couldn’t pay the rent.
16You don’t agree with Bill.
17There wasn’t a lot to do.
18I needn’t say anything.
19That wasn’t Ann on the phone.
20You didn’t do it on purpose.
21This won’t take long.
22She doesn’t believe you.

23It didn’t matter very much.
24He shouldn’t put so much salt in it.
25Mary couldn’t leave the children alone.
26You aren’t doing anything tonight.
27You wouldn’t mind helping me with this.
28George hadn’t been there before.
29The children weren’t surprised.
30You wouldn’t like another drink.
31Tom doesn’t have to go to lectures.
32Bill hasn’t got a car.
33Bill couldn’t have prevented it.
34I needn’t wait any longer.
35There weren’t any mosquitoes.
36The fire wasn’t started deliberately.