1. save save sb from sth/doing; save money; save time
  2. say say sth (to sb); say (that) + clause
  3. seem seem to be; it seems (that) + clause
  4. send send sb sth; send sth (to sb)
  5. sense make sense (to do sth); make sense of
  6. settle settle on/into/for sth
  7. shape be/get/stay in shape; the shape of sth
  8. shopping do the shopping; go shopping
  9. short be short of sth
  10. shower take/have a shower; a rain shower
  11. side (on) the opposite side; (on) the far side; side with sb; be on the winning/losing side
  12. sight catch/lose sight of sth; be in sight of sth; at first sight
  13. sights see the sights
  14. sightseeing go sightseeing
  15. silence in silence
  16. similar be similar to sth/doing
  17. solution be/find a solution (to sth)
  18. specialise specialise in sth/doing
  19. speed at (high/full/etc) speed; a burst of speed; speed limit
  20. spend spend money (on sth/doing); spend time doing; spend time on sth
  21. spread spread sth; spread sth over sth; spread to a place
  22. stare stare at sth
  23. stop stop sth/doing; stop to do; stop sb from doing
  24. study study sth; study for sth
  25. succeed succeed in doing; succeed in/at sth
  26. suffer suffer from sth
  27. suggest suggest sth/doing (to sb); suggest (that) + clause
  28. suggestion make a suggestion suitable be suitable for sth/doing
  29. sure make/be sure (that) + clause; make/be sure of sth; be sure to do
  30. surprise by surprise; be surprised at/by sth