1. take take place; take a decision; take pity on sb; take pleasure in sth/doing; take care; take turns; take part (in sth); take sth into account; take advantage of sth; take a break (from sth/doing); take a day off; take a holiday; take a job; take a look at sth; take a shower/bath; take an exam; take a photo of sth; take sth to do; take time to do
  2. talent have a talent (for sth/doing); be talented at sth/doing
  3. tell tell sb sth; tell sb (that) + clause; tell sb about sth/doing; tell sb (not) to do; tell a joke/story/etc; tell the time
  4. tend tend to do
  5. tendency have a tendency to do
  6. think think that; think of sth/doing; think about sth/doing
  7. time on time; (just) in time; the whole time; it’s (high) time; it’s about time; take your time (doing); take (a long/some/etc) time to do sth; sth takes up your time; spend time doing; spend time on sth; at that time; at the right time; time passes (quickly/slowly/etc); for the first time; find time to do sth; make/find time for sth; for the time being; have a good/nice time (doing)
  8. tired be tired of sth/doing
  9. top at/on the top (of sth)
  10. tour go on/take a tour round somewhere; tour a place
  11. trend a trend in sth; follow/set a trend
  12. trip business trip; school trip; go on a trip; take a trip (to a place)
  13. try try to do; try sth/doing; try and do
  14. turn turn (a)round/away; turn sth over; in turn; take turns; be your turn (to do)