Part IFill in the spaces by inserting the correct form of have. Use am/is/are having
as a future form. (get can be used instead of have, but is more colloquial.)
1I . . .my house painted. That is why there is all this mess.
2My hair looks dreadful; I think I . . .it set tomorrow.
3The attic was dark so last year we . . .skylight put in.
4That dead tree is dangerous. I . . .it cut down tomorrow.
5We . . .just . . .central heating installed. The house is warm!
6I can’t read Greek so I . . .the documents translated. My nephew is helping with
the translation.
7 . . .you . . .the film developed or did you develop it yourself?
8Why …he… all his shoes specially made?
He says that he has to because his feet are different sizes.
9 . . .you . . .your milk delivered or do you go to the shop for it?
10If you hate cleaning fish why . . .you . . .them cleaned at the
fishmonger’s? (negative)
11How often . . .you . . .your brakes tested?
12I’m afraid it’s rather draughtyhere but1…that broken pane replaced tomorrow.
Part2Fill in the spaces by inserting the correct form ofhave,the past participle of
the verb in brackets and, where necessary, a pronoun.
13Your ankle is very swollen. You’d better . . .it . . .(x-ray)
14Your roof is leaking, you should . . .it . . .(repair)
15The trousers are too long; I must . . .(shorten)
16No one will be able to read your notes. ~
I know; I . . .them . . .(type)
17That’s a good piano but you should . . .it . . .(tune)
18Why don’t you . . .the document . . . ?(photocopy)
19He didn’t like the colour of the curtains so he . . .(dye)
20He went to a garage to . . .the puncture . . .(mend)
21His arm was broken so he had to go to hospital to . . .(set)
22The battery is all right now. I . . .just . . .it . . .(recharge)
23It’s a beautiful photo. I’m going to . . .(enlarge)

24Be careful of those knives. I . . .just . . .(sharpen)
Part3Rewrite the sentences using ahave +object +past participle construction and
omitting the words in bold type.
Iemployed a plumberto examine my boiler.
I had my boiler examined.
25I pay a garageto service my car.
26The tap keeps dripping so I mustsend for a plumberto see to it.
27I paid a watchmakerto clean my watch.
28An artist is painting her portrait. She . . .
29Theyarranged for the policeto arrest the man.
30Hepaid a lorrydriver to tow the car to a garage.
31They areemploying buildersto build a garage.
32I pay a window cleanerto clean my windows every month.
33I went to an oculist and he tested my eyes for me.
34The old gypsyis telling Tom’s fortune. Tom . . .
35I asked the fishmongerto open the oystersfor me.
36Iwent to a jeweller and hepierced my earsfor me.