Track 01

Steve: Hey, Jenny!

Jenny: Oh, hi, Steve. Nice to see you.

Steve: Good to see you, too. How’s it going?

Jenny: Fine, thanks. I’m so glad the exams have finished.

Steve: Me too. So, are you going on holiday this summer?

Jenny: Yes, I’ve decided to go to Mexico for the whole summer vacation, six weeks in total.

Steve: That sounds great! What are you going to do there?

Jenny: Well, actually, it ‘s a working holiday. I’m going to work at a school teaching English to children. What about you?

Steve: I’m going to Paris for two weeks.

Jenny: Are you going with your family?

Steve: No, I’m going with my best friend. We’ve enrolled in a language school to study French.

Jenny:That sounds like fun. Have a good trip.

Steve: You too.

Track 02

ReceptionGood afternoon. Royal Mount Hotel. How may I help you?

Customer: Hello … Er, I’d like to book a twin room, please, for next week.

Reception: One minute, please … I’ll just check if we have one available. … Yes, we do, sir. Now, I just need to take down a few details, if I may.

Customer: Yes, of course.

Reception: What name is the booking under?

Customer: My name … Duncan Geoffrey. That’s G-E-O-double F-R-E-Y.

Reception: G-E-Q-double F-R-E-Y. Aha. And could I have a contact telephone number, please?

Customer: Yes, 5762 23821.

Reception: When will you be arriving, sir?

Customer: Some time on the evening of the nineteenth.

Reception: Of September?

Customer: Yes, and we ’ll be leaving on the twenty-third. How much will that be in total?

Reception: So … That’s a twin room … For a twin, it would normally be £235, but I can give you a special rate as it’s low season: £210 for the six nights.

Customer: Great. Thank you.

Reception: And how would you like to pay, sir? We accept cash, cheque or credit card.

Customer: I’ll pay cash on arrival, if that’s OK.

Reception: Of course, sir. We look forward to seeing you.

Track 03

Customer: So, what are the differences between these four hotels?

Travel agent: Well the main difference is in the facilities they offer. The Hotel Sunshine is the only one which has a gym and it’s also got one of the top health spas in the area. It’s next to a lake so you can do water sports there. But if you realty like sailing or waterskiing, then the Highland Hotel would probably be the best place because it offers great instruction programmes in these sports.

Customer: Actually, I’m not a sporty person.

Travel agent: OK. Well, what about the Hotel Carminia? It’s a brand new hotel, and it prides itself on its cinema and multimedia centre. And then there’s The Royal. This one has a conference room, a meeting room, and free computer access, but it ’s not really appropriate for children; there’s not much in the way of entertainment.

Customer: Well, I’m going on holiday, not to work, and it ’s just my wife and me so I think we ’ll book with the Hotel Carminia, please.

Track 04

Sam: So, there’s a great walking tour tomorrow morning. Or tomorrow night we could go on the cruise round the harbour. What do you think, John?

John: Well, we’ve got theatre tickets for tonight, so we’ll be too tired for the walking tour in the morning. But I don’t fancy the cruise, either.

Sam:Why not? It’ll be fun! Look, it’s a dinner cruise, and it ’s only $12 each.

John: I hate the sea. and I’ll be sick with fear if the waves are biq! And dinner … on a boat … I just couldn’t.

Sam:But we’ll be in the harbour!

John: Still… Ah, but what about this? There’s a bus tour tomorrow evening. It’s only $5.50 and it goes all around the main tourist sites!

Sam: Yeah, that sounds OK … [fade]

Track 05

John: Where shall we eat tonight?

Sam: Well, there are plenty of options. The guide says this city has hundreds of restaurants. What kind of food would you like to have, John?

John: Well, I quite like seafood. There’s The Captain’s Table on Firth Street. The guide gives it four stars.

Sam: I don’t know … The hotel receptionist told me the service is slow. But if you like seafood, there are a couple more places in the guide.

John: Ah, yes … Mangan’s or Joe’s Cafe. What about those, Sam?

Sam: Manqan’s could be a qood option. It’s nicer than Joe’s Cafe, and there are fantastic views as well. We’d probably pay a bit extra loe’s Cafe is much cheaper. But we’re on holiday; I think we should splash out!

John: That sounds great! Oh, no. Hold on. It’s closed tonight. What a shame! Shall we go to Joe’s Cafe, then?

Sam: Yes, I suppose we’ll have to. I’ll give them a call and book a table. Can I use your phone?

John: Ah. er … no. Sorry. I’ve left my phone in the hotel. We can ask the receptionist to do it. Let ’s go back now and sort it out. We can get changed and have a drink before dinner if you like.

Sam: OK, good idea.

Track 06

Tourist office
assistant: Hello, how can I help you?

Tourist: Um, hello. Is it possible to book a bus tour of the city here?

TOA: Of course, sir. When would you like to take the tour? There are tours in the morning, afternoon, and evening … sometimes it’s nice to see the city at night with the buildings lit up.

Tourist: We’ll be going out for dinner tonight, so we’d prefer to go this afternoon. Oh, and it’s for two people.

TOA: Right. Now I just need some details. Can you give me the names of the two people, please?

Tourist: Yes. Susan Field and James Carter.

TOA: Susan Field and James – sorry, can you spell your surname for me, please?

Tourist:  It’s Carter. C-A-R-T-E-R.

TOA: Thank you. And can I have a contact telephone number?

Tourist:  Why do you need one?

TOA: Just in case we have to cancel the tour and need to contact you.

Tourist: I see. Well, my mobile number is 07988 636197 (0-7-9-double 8-6-3-6-1-9-7).

TOA: That’s 07988 636197. Now. can vou also tell me which hotel you’re stayinq at?

Tourist:  The Crest Hotel. Oh no. sorry. That’s the hotel we’re staying in next week. It’s the Riverside Hotel.

TOA: Oh! The Riverside is a lovely hotel. Are you enjoying your stay?

Tourist:  Yes, we are, very much. We’d definitely recommend it to others.

TOA: Oh I am glad. Now, I can book you on the tour at 4 p.m. Would that suit you? Alternatively, there is one at two.

Tourist: Two would be better for us, please.

TOA: Right, that ‘s booked for you, sir. Two people at 2 p.m. today. August 14th. You pay the bus driver when you get on, and it’s £4 per person.

Tourist:  Thank you very much.

Track 07

Tourist: Can I also ask you about the museum in the main square? I was reading about it in my guide
book and was shocked to see that the entrance price is £10. Why does it cost so much?

Tourist office assistant: Well, the museum has the largest collection of Latin American art in Europe. People come from
all over the world to see it. But that’s not the reason why it’s so expensive to get in. You see, the
building is very old and it needs repairs. The £10 ticket cost will go towards repairing the roof
and the walls.

Tourist: I see. Well, I suppose it ’s worth paying £10 to see the collection.

TOA: Yes, I think so too. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Tourist: Actually, there is. I was wondering if you knew of any good restaurants in the area.

TOA: Well, there are a few restaurants near the harbour, and a couple on the beach which are nice. The problem is that the smell of the fish market is quite strong down there.

Tourist: Mm, I don’t think my girlfriend would be very pleased.

TOA: I know what you mean – it’s not very romantic, is it? My advice would be to go to the next town. It’s bigger, and the restaurant selection is wider. You can get there by taxi and it only takes about ten minutes. The town is quite picturesque … Is it for a special occasion?

Tourist: Yes, it’s my girlfriend’s birthday so I’d like to go somewhere special. Um, do you know any of these restaurants well enough to tell me about them?

TOA: Well, I know about a few of them, and there are pictures in this leaflet here. This one here is lovely – the Belleview – and it’s extremely popular. It has a famous chef, so it’s not cheap, but the standard of the food is very high. It’s right by the sea and there are wonderful views if you get a good table. Then there’s The Lighthouse Cafe – you can see the picture here – which isn’t really a cafe at all. In fact, it’s a great restaurant and a lot of TV celebrities and actors eat there.
The place has been going for over a hundred years! It ’s quite an institution around here.

Tourist: Mm. I’m not sure about those two – they sound too expensive to me. I was thinking of somewhere small, not too up-market, but with good food.

TOA: In that case what about Harvey’s? The same family has run this restaurant for over a century, and it’s reasonably priced and really popular with local people. And there’s another family-run restaurant. Stonecroft House. New owners took over a month ago and they’re getting good reviews. There’s a new chef there and the food is meant to be very good. This leaflet has the contact details for all the restaurants so you can just call them if you’d like to book a table.

Tourist: Great, thanks. You’ve been very helpful.