Exercise 1.01: Spelling

1. Wednesday 5. suitcase 9. chocolate 13. dock
2. crockery 6. nautical 10. excursion 14. lounge
3. souvenir 7. cloakroom 11. exhibition 15. cabins
4. refreshment 8. drowsiness 12. imagine 16. analytically

Exercise 1.02: Dictation


Welcome to our factory. I would like to emphasise a couple of important things before we commence. Since this is a chocolate factory, we maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene. We require all visitors to wear hair caps and those rather fetching white coats you have already put on. Please do not remove them, even if the caps might make you feel a touch warm. If a hair found its way into the chocolate, we would be forced to destroy the entire production run for the day. We also ask that you remain within the yellow lines that clearly mark the visitors’ walkways. I’m sorry to sound so strict, but these measures are essential.


Just in case you need the toilet, they are over there in the corner. You can see the entrance under that large oil painting. Our factory shop, which is probably the most popular attraction here, is located over the courtyard. No doubt you noticed it on your way from the car park. It’s the most successful factory outlet in the country, and I must admit, I can’t resist at least one visit a week. Please understand that the queues can be quite long, so we do ask you to be patient.


This is the first section of the production line, and it’s where all the ingredients are mixed together. One of the machines is original. Ifs been in use since produc­tion began here, more than a century ago. The more modern machines mix from 50,000 to 80,000 litres per hour. They get pretty hot, and you can feel the warmth on your face as you walk past.


As we come into this part of the factory, you’ll notice that the temperature has dropped, and ifs much cooler now. This section has two levels. If you look up, you can see the chocolate bars coming into the roof through that large hole. The chocolate goes through large refrigerators. Once the chocolate has been cooled, it is sent along the conveyor belt for wrapping in foil and paper. You can see the familiar wrappers over there. At the end, everything is put in boxes, again by machines. Almost the whole process is automated, but quality control is performed by humans.

Exercise 1.03: Times and dates

1. 4 days later 5. early in the morning 9. on weekdays
2. in 15 minutes 6. 3rd May 10. a month ago
3. half past eleven 7. the year 1949 11. last night
4. 25th December 8. 12-15 minutes 12. for a few hours

Exercise 1.04: Address

1. Central Avenue 5. Forest Street 9. Grandale Street
2. Hill Road 6. New Street 10. Park Street
3. Doyen Road 7. North Avenue 11. Central Station
4. Lake Avenue 8. Gold Street 12. City Square

Exercise 1.05: Numbers

1. 8555.2266 7. SH 121LQ
2. extension 3176 8. 0.48 (0 = nought)
3. 342 2573 9. 2¹⁄3
4. 6942 4305 42 10. JO6337 BW276
5. serial number: FC39-RHQ2-YXKT-8TG6 11. 20%
6. postcode: WS62YH 12. 1.300

Exercise 1.06: Names

1. Keiko Yuichini 5. Waddell 9. Brunel
2. Anu Bhatt 6. Rigby  10. Thomson
3. Roche 7. Paynter  11. Hiroko
4. Taber 8. Jerry Northwaite  12. Wright Brothers

Exercise 1.07: Geographical names

1. Alaska 7. Christchurch 13. Malaysia
2. Antarctica 8. English Channel 14. Melbourne
3. Atlantic Ocean 9. Germany 15. New Zealand
4. Berlin 10. Greece 16. Southeast Asia
5. Birmingham 11. Italy
6. Brisbane 12. Liverpool

Exercise 1.08: Proper nouns

1. Antarctic Treaty 5. Great Western Railway 9. Yoga
2. Aztec 6. Heathrow Airport 10. Sea Wa.tc.h Line
3. Butterfly Effect 7. P&G Company 11. Palm Sea View
4. Great Eastern 8. People’s Bank 12. Sign-up Sheet