10a – Fill in the gaps

From the following list, use each word only once to complete the sentences below. Remember that in the case of nouns and verbs you may need to change the form of the word:

anthropology (n) , foetus (n) , intimacy (n) , province (n) , quote (v) , render (v) , repress (v) , sift (v) , surplus (n) , triangle (n)

1. The costs were so enormous that they ____________________ the project impossible.

2. ____________________ is the scientific study of man including such topics as religion and culture.

3. One of the simplest but strongest shapes is the ____________________.

4. The ____________________ between a mother and a child is very important for the emotional development of the child.

5. If you have made a plan for your writing, it becomes much easier to ____________________ through your notes and decide which ideas to include.

6. When there is a ____________________ of oil, the price on the world market falls.

7. In nearly all parts of Eastern Europe, attempts to ____________________ movements for political change failed completely.

8. The Canadian capital Ottawa is in the ____________________ of Ontario.

9. Recent research has shown that drinking heavily during pregnancy can harm the ____________________.

10. When you want to _______________________ something, make sure that the words you write are exactly the same as those in your source.

10b – Choose the right word

In each of the sentences below, decide which word in bold is more suitable:

1. Although many drugs are illegal, it appears to be increasingly easy for teenagers to procure / secure drugs if they want them.

2. If you have a lot of data which you want to include, an appendix / index at the end of the report or essay is the best place for it.

3. Before they take their examinations, students should revise thoroughly and try to assimilate / ingest what they have been studying.

4. A huge trench was dug to channel / deviate excess water away from farming areas

5. According to opponents of the death penalty, the idea that executions help to prevent murder is a complete myth / legend.

6. For health reasons, smoking is restricted if not completely embargoed / prohibited in many public places.

7. At the end of an essay, students should always append / affix a bibliography, giving details of the sources of information they have used.

8. France’s road and rail networks diverge / converge on Paris because it is the capital.

9. The influence of television is so great that actors can be elevated / lifted to superstar status almost overnight.

10. Some years ago, the shapes of cars were very angular / bent whereas today they are much more rounded.

10c – Finish the sentence

Choose the best ending for each of the sentence extracts below from the list underneath:

1. Many people working today find it difficult to tolerate…

2. In Canada, it is a huge advantage to be fluent…

3. Although the lecturer’s explanation was very cogent,…

4. In some American states, there is a strange anomaly…

5. In recent years, some Asian countries have emerged…

6. Some analysts think that many customers will dispense…

7. New government proposals will increase the rigour…

8. University students usually have the option…

9. A new drug developed by a leading company purports…

10. Although it was particularly radical and ingenious,…

11. Sometimes articles are anonymous,…

a. …whereby a 16 year-old may get married but is not allowed to buy a beer.

b. …but in the majority of cases the name of the author appears with the article.

c. …some students still could not understand the solution to the problem.

d. …with conventional phones altogether and use mobile phones instead.

e. …of choosing extra subjects to study if they wish.

f. …from almost nothing to become major economic players.

g. …in both French and English.

h. …the design for the Concorde was just too expensive to produce commercially.

i. …high levels of stress and insecurity.

j. …of the law by introducing longer prison sentences.

k. …to slow down the ageing process.

10d – Word substitution

From the list below, choose one word which could be used in place of the language shown in bold without changing the meaning of the sentence. Remember that you may need to change the form or in some cases the grammatical class of the word:

ascribe (v) , assent (n) , comprise (v) , emancipate (v) , embrace (v) , enhance (v) , inconsistent (adj) , interrelate (v) , outcome (n) , saturate (v) , vague (adj)

1. The minister resigned because many people felt that his behaviour was at variance with his role in public life.

2. The clear increase in skin cancer has been attributed to the fact that more people now take holidays in hot countries.

3. The new law course attempts to cover all aspects of international law.

4. Some people argue that robots in the home will liberate us from having to do the housework in the not too distant future.

5. A significant number of students decide to study for a Master’s degree to boost their knowledge.

6. The USA is composed of 50 states.

7. In Britain, the Queen must give her agreement to a new law before it can come into force.

8. The result of the experiment was a complete surprise to everyone: the new process was a success!

9. The market for cars in Europe is almost full to capacity, forcing car manufacturers to look for customers elsewhere.

10. A recent survey has found that most people have only an uncertain understanding of how and why we study theoretical science.

11. Wages and inflation are closely linked, in that as one rises or falls so does the other.

10e – Choose the best word

For each of the sentences here, choose the best word from a, b or c:

1. The President’s speech was so __________________ that many people were persuaded to accept the need for change.
a. expressive
b. articulate
c. eloquent

2. Car crashes are almost always accidental, but on rare occasions they may be _________________.
a. conscious
b. purposeful
c. deliberate

3. The outline is a kind of ______________________ which gives in general terms the basic structure and content of a piece of work.
a. sketch
b. skeleton
c. draft

4. People who smoke heavily experience a/an_________________ to smoke, which makes it very difficult for them to stop.
a. compulsion
b. obligation
c. addiction

5. Although we now believe this to be impossible, early scientists tried to produce ________________ motion machines, that is, machines which would never stop.
a. perpetual b. everlasting c. undying

6. If a questionnaire is badly written, it will not _________________ the type of information required from the people completing it.
a. solicit
b. elicit
c. obtain

7. Books are usually electronically protected so that they cannot be _________________ from the library unless they have been issued in the proper way.
a. removed
b. withdrawn
c. extracted

8. Studying is important, but playing sports and joining clubs will help to ___________________ a student’s time at university.
a. boost
b. enrich
c. bolster

9. No doubt every country has ____________________ in its history which its people now regret.
a. episodes
b. stages
c. sections

10. Students who are ____________________ on the campus make more use of the university sports facilities than those living outside.
a. domiciled
b. resident
c. settled

11. One of the biggest problems with malaria is that the disease can _________________ and give the patient serious medical complications again and again throughout his or her life.
a. repeat
b. recur
c. arise

10f – Make a collocation

Start by reading through the sentences below. Then take one word from the box on the left and combine this with one from the box on the right to make a collocation. (Note that more than one
pairing may be possible and also that some words appear more than once.) Then try to match your combinations with the spaces in the sentences below:

maternal , political , null and,television , health , tangible,high , leading , under,have , fossil

interviews , clinic , exponents,instinct , ambitions , fuels,void , benefits , access to,inflation , the auspices of

1. In many universities, there is a/an _________________ _________________ provided especially forstudents and staff.

2. _________________ _________________ is usually an economic disaster, causing prices to rise and the value of money to fall.

3. In _________________ _________________, politicians often ignore what they are asked, preferring instead to discuss their own interests.

4. Because they increase the availability of information, _________________ _________________ of computer technology argue that computers help protect our freedom.

5. Many feminists now argue that women do not have a _________________ _________________ towards children.

6. Many successful business figures want to enter government in order to satisfy their _________________ _________________.

7. Because the original information was incorrect, the court decided that the contract was _________________ _________________.

8. The building of a new airport will bring _________________ _________________, such as improved communications and more jobs in the local area.

9. Through the Internet, students now _________________ _________________ information from academic libraries all over the world.

10. One of the problems with _________________ _________________ such as coal and oil is that they will not last for ever.

11. An international rescue operation was organised _________________ _________________ the United Nations.