anxiety [aer)zaiati] n.
When someone has anxiety, they have a lot of worries and fear.
-* When I have to climb to high places, I’m filled with anxiety.
r army ia-.rm<\ n. An army is a large group of people who fight in wars. -* The army protects all the people in the country. r billion [bfljan] n. A billion is a very large number: 1,000,000,000. -* There are billions of stars in outer space. r carve Draw] v. To carve means to cut into something. -»My father usually carves the turkey for Thanksgiving. r r consult [kansAlt] v. To consult someone means to ask them for help. -*■I will consult my accountant to find a way to pay for my bills. emergency [ima:rd3ansi] n. An emergency is a time when someone needs help right away. -►There is a huge fire in my house! This is an emergency! r fortune [fs^/an] n. When someone has good fortune, it means they have luck. -*■I have good fortune when I play cards. r guarantee Igaerantf:] v. To guarantee means to know something will happen. -* I guarantee that the sun will come up in the morning. r hike [haik] v. To hike means to walk in the mountains or forest. -*■I always bring plenty of equipment with me when I hike. r initial [inijal] adj. When something is initial, it is the first thing. -» The initial step when writing a paper is to find a good topic. intense [intens] a d j. If something is intense, it is very strong. -►The skunk made an intense odor that filled the air. C lend [lend] V. To lend something is to give it to someone for a short time. -*■My sister lost her pen, so I will lend her mine. r peak ipi.k] n. The peak is the very top of a mountain. -* There is snow on the peaks of those mountains. r potential [poutenjal] a d j. Potential means capable of being but not yet in existence. -►I’ve thought of some potential problems with your idea. r pride [praid] n. When you have pride, you are happy with yourself. ->I take pride in getting good grades.
r proof [pru:f] n.
Proof is a fact that shows something is real.
-» They used his fingerprint as prooffor the crime he committed.
r quit [kwit] V.
To quit something means to stop doing it.
-* I quit running because I got tired.
r spin [spin] v.
To spin is to turn around in circles.
-» The boy kept spinning until he fell down.
r tiny [taini] a d j.
When people or things are tiny, they are very small.
-*■A baby’s hand is tiny.
C tUtOr [yfctar] n.
A tutor is someone who gives lessons in a certain subject.
-*■My sister is bad at math. So my mother hired a tutor to help her.

The Cat
and the Fox
One day, a cat hiked on a mountain. When he reached the peak, he met a fox.
They began talking about how they get away from their enemies.
“I am very smart. I have billions of ideas. I can carve a tiny hole in a tree, and
then climb in,” the fox said. He added, “I have a lot of friends. If I am in trouble,
I can call them to lend their help. I can escape an entire army if I have to!”
Then, the fox asked, “What are your potential plans?” The cat said, “I have
only one plan.” The fox said, “ I hope you have good fortune, then! Do you want
me to be your tutor? I can teach you many things.” The cat said, “ I guarantee
that my plan works every time. We can quit talking about it.”
Soon, they saw a group of wolves. It was an emergency. The cat quickly used
her plan. She ran up a tree. The fox could not decide which plan to use. “What
should my initial move be? Should I consult my friends?” The fox felt intense
anxiety. All he could do was spin in a circle. The wolves caught the fox. The
cat was full of pride. This is proof that having a good plan is better than having
many bad plans.