Track 27

Well, my best friend once gave me some really good advice when I was younger. I used to worry a lot about my appearance when I was a teenager and it made me feel unconfident. I often thought people were staring at me and thinking that I looked bad. Once, one of my classmates asked me where I had bought my clothes and I thought it was a criticism . My friend told me not to worry about the way I looked. She said that all teenagers felt that way and recommended concentrating
on having fun instead. It was quite difficult but I tried to focus more on studying and my hobbies. After a while I felt better and my parents said that I had changed and become more outgoing. I was really pleased with this and as a result my confidence increased even more. So, I think yes I would give this advice to other teenagers. Although it’s d ifficult advice to follow, I think it can
really help young people who are going through a hard time. It’s really important to be positive and understand that this period of your life involves lots of changes in your personality but that in the end you will feel fine.