Track 28

Jeanette: Good morning everyone and welcome to my weekly show about fitness. Today I want to talk about ways you can improve your fitness without having to join a gym or sports centre. Now first of all, it is important to decide what you want to achieve. Many people want to improve their health in general, but other people want to focus on losing weight. I use a combination of both strength building and weight loss exercise to maintain my fitness level but I know a couple who go walking twice a week to maintain theirs. The most im portant thing is to do something you like, for example, martial arts, hiking, tennis or watersports. These are all good as cardiovascular exercise and strength training. One excellent way is to join a local club because you will meet other people with the same interests as you. It is also important to keep up motivation levels and exercising with other people can be a good way to do this. And don’t forget about the local park. It is a great place to exercise for free. Sometimes parks provide a running track or other communal facilities, all of which are free to use.