ability [abilati] n.
Ability is the quality of a person being able to do something well.
-*■His swimming abilities let him cross the entire lake.
r agriculture [aegrikAltJar] n.
Agriculture is the growing of food and animals.
-*•The farmer studied agriculture in college.
r cartoon [ka:/iu;n] n.
A cartoon is a funny drawing.
-»Sometimes, people draw cartoons for the newspaper.
r ceiling lst:lir)] n.
The ceiling is the top of a room.
-* He painted the ceiling with a special roller.
r convince [kanvins] *
To convince someone means to make them sure of something.
-* She convinced me to buy the house.
CUriOUS [kjuarias] adj.
When you are curious about something, you want to know more about it,
-*■I opened up the clock because I was curious about how it worked.
r delay m /.
To delay means to wait to do something.
-*■I was delayed at the airport for over two hours.
r diary [daiari] n.
A diary is a book in which people write their personal experiences.
-*■I do not let anybody read my diary.
r element [elamant] n.
An element of something is a particular part of it.
— Tackling an opponent is Johnny’s favorite element of American footbal
r faith [feie] n.
When people have faith in something, they believe in it and trust it.
->The sick girl had faith in doctors. She knew they would make herbettet
gram [grein] a
Grain is food crops such as wheat, corn, rice or oats.
-» The farmer planted two fields of grain this year.
r r r r r r r r r
greet igitt] v.
To greet someone means to meet and welcome them.
— When my friend came over, I greeted him at the door.
investigate [investegeit] v.
To investigate means to search for something or learn about it.
— The detective went to investigate the crime.
joy [d30i] n.
Joy is a feeling you get when you are really happy.
-*■I love baseball. I feel joy when I play.

The Priest
A young priest was always sad. He was good at his
profession, but he still had no joy. He visited a group of
wise monks.
When he got to the monks’ house, they greeted
him and let him in. The monks asked the priest,
“What is the matter?” The priest said, “ I should
be happy, but I am not. I don’t know
what to do.” The wise monks paused
for a minute. Then one said, “We
are convinced of your faith. You are
a very good priest. But to find joy,
you have to do more. Above all,
investigate the elements of your
life that you love.” The priest
thought that this answer was
odd, but he was curious.
The next day, the priest thought
about his abilities. He got a few
ideas, and he did not want to delay
any longer. He liked to draw, so he made
some cartoons. He also liked to write, so
he started a diary. He was interested in
agriculture, so he planted some grains.
He made jam from berries. He made his
own labels to put on the jars of jam. He
painted his ceiling. The priest learned
something. It is not too hard to be
happy after all. All one has to do is
find things they like doing, and do