alarm [alarm] n.
An alarm is something that warns people of danger.
— When the students heard the fire alarm, they left the building.
apart [apart] adv.
When people or things are apart, they are not close together.
-» The couple decided to live apart from each other.
arrest [arest] v.
To arrest someone means to catch them for doing something bad.
-*■The man was arrested for breaking the law.
award [aword] n.
An award is a prize someone gets for doing something well.
—He got an award for having the best grades in class.
breed ibitd] n.
A breed is a group of animals within a species.
-* I like small dog breeds, such as terriers.
bucket IbAkit] n.
A bucket is a round containerto put things in.
-* I filled the bucket with water.
contest [kantest] n.
A contest is a game or a race.
-+The girls had a contest to see who could jump higher.
convict [kanvikt] v.
To convict someone means to prove that they did a bad thing.
-* He was convicted of the crime and sent to jail.
garage [gard:3] n.
A garage is the part of a house where people put their cars.
-* My car does not get dirty because I keep it in the garage.
journalist [d3a:malist] n.
A journalist is a person who writes news stories.
-►Thejournalist took notes for a story he was writing
pup [pAp] n.
A pup is a young dog.
-»All the girl wanted for her birthday was a pup.
qualify [kwalafai] v.
To qualify is to get, or to be declared, adequate or good enough.
-*■He qualified to go to the final match by beating the opponent.
repair [ripear] v.
To repair something is to fix it.
-*•I repaired the flat tire on my car.
resume [rizu:m] V.
To resume something means to start it again after taking a break.
->I put the newspaper down to eat breakfast. Then I resumed reading.
rob [rab] v.
To rob a person or place is to take their property by using force.
-*A thief has robbed me of my passport.
slip [slip] v.
To slip means to slide and fall down.
-» The man slipped on the wet floor.
somewhat [sAm/?wdt] adv.
Somewhat means to some degree, but not to a large degree.
-*■James was somewhat upset when he had to move some boxes.
stable [steibl] adj.
When something is stable, it will not fall over.
-* The chair is stable. Its legs are strong.
tissue [tffu:] n.
A tissue is a soft piece of paper people use to wipe their noses.
-* There was a box of tissue on the table.
yard yard] n.
A yard is the ground just outside of a person’s house.
-*■The girls jumped rope in the yard.

The Farm Festival
Once there was a farm. Many animals lived there. One day, they had a contest
in the yard. They were going to race from the barn to the farmer’s garage. The
barn and the garage were far apart. It would be a long race. The winner qualified
to win a bag full of apples as an award.
But the race did not start well. The cart with all the apples was not stable,
and the animals had to repair it. Then the pup knocked over the apples. The pig
yelled, “We are going to slip! We must clean up this mess.” The pup felt bad,
and she began to cry. The dog gave her a tissue to wipe her tears.
Then the race resumed. But the duck tried to rob them and take all the
apples. The cat said, “ I will have you arrested!” The duck said, “You can’t convict
me! You can’t prove I took it.” The race stopped yet again.
The animals tried to race one more time. Then they heard an alarm coming
from the barn. There was a fire! They got buckets of water to put out the fire. A
journalist came to write a story about the festival and the race. The horse told
her, “I am a special breed of horse. I would have won the race easily.” The pig
said, “ It was somewhat hard to have the race. But we had fun. That is what’s important!”