alike [alaik] adj.
If two things or people are alike, they are similar in some way.
-* People often think my sister and I look alike.
r annoy fenoo *
To annoy someone means to bother them.
-* The flies buzzing around John’s head annoyed him very much.
r architecture [d:rketektjar] n.
Architecture is the style or way a building is made.
-» The architecture of the church is amazing.
r artificial [d:rtafijal] adj.
If something is artificial, it is made to look like something natural.
-* That soccer field has artificial grass, but it looks real.
r chain [tfein] n.
A chain is a series of connected loops often used to keep things in place.
-» The scary dog was secured with a chain.
r distinct [distfrjkt] adj.
If something is distinct, it is easily noticed or different from other things.
-+That girl has distinct pink hair.
r distinguish [disti’rjgwiJ] v.
To distinguish is to recognize differences between things.
->The twins look exactly the same. It is hard to distinguish between them.
r dust [dASt] n.
Dust is very tiny pieces of dirt or other matter.
-+In the old house, the dust was thick on the floor and chairs.
r excitement [iksaitmant] n.
Excitement means to feel a lot of happiness about something.
-* Did you see the excitement in her when the team scored?
r heal thm] *
To heal means to make a part of the body healthy again after injury.
-*After my broken arm heals, I can play baseball again.
inherit [inherit] v.
To inherit is to get something from someone who has died.
-* She inherited her mother’s gold earrings.
r manner [m&nax] n.
A manner is the way someone does something.
—His manner of not looking at someone while speaking, is a bit rude.
r mount [maunt] v.
Something mounts when it becomes stronger over time.
-» His fear mounted as the monster crawled out from under his bed.
r roof [ru:fl n.
A roof is the outside top part of a building.
-» The roof was covered with snow.
r shortage tjo:rtid3] n.
A shortage is a lack of something you need or want.
-*■Since there was a shortage of food, people were hungry.
r solid [solid] adj.
If something is solid, it is made of firm material.
— The safe looked to be quite solid.
r Stock[stak] n.
A stock is a stored amount of something.
-» They keep a stock of rice so they’ll always have something to eat.
r substance [sAbstsns] n.
A substance is any specific material or mixture of materials.
-*■Water is an important substance for all living things.
r tomb [tu:m] n.
A tomb is a grave where a dead person is buried.
-» Their whole family is buried inside the tomb.
r wound [wu:nd] n.
A wound is an injury to the body.
He had many wounds after the car accident.

The Clever Thief
A new king inherited a lot of gold. He loved his gold very much. He even
wanted to keep it after he died. Therefore, he had a large tomb built for himself
and his riches.
However, the tomb’s builder had a plan. Most of the stones were solid, but
he put one special stone on the roof. It was made of a lighter substance.
When the tomb was done, the king moved in his stock of gold. One night,
the builder went to the tomb. His excitement mounted. Because all the stones
looked alike, he had left a distinct mark on the artificial block. The mark helped
him distinguish the difference in the architecture.
The builder lifted the stone. Using a chain, he climbed into the tomb. He filled
his pockets with gold.
The builder followed this manner night after night. Soon, the king noticed a
shortage in his gold. This annoyed the king.
At last he hired a guard to hide inside the
tomb. When the builder entered the tomb,
the guard wounded him. He climbed a pole
to the roof. The builder left drops of blood
in the dust. The guard followed them and
caught him.
When the builder healed, he explained
to the king that he didn’t keep any of the
gold. He had given it all away to the poor.