bath [baee] n.
A bath is water in a tub. People take a bath to get clean.
—•After playing in the dirt, the boy took a bath.
r bend [bend] v.
To bend is to move something so it is not straight.
-* Lee bent over and picked up the paper on the ground.
r chew [t/u:i v.
To chew is to move your mouth to break up food.
-* I always chew my food carefully before swallowing it.
r disabled [diseibald] adj.
When a person is disabled, they cannot do what a normal person can do.
-*•The disabled man used a wheelchair to move around.
r fantastic [fasntaestik] adj.
If something is fantastic, it is really good.
-*■The student did a fantastic job on his project and got an award.
r fiction [fi’kjan] n.
Fiction is a story that is not true.
-»I enjoy reading works offiction because they are very entertaining.
r flag [flaeg] n.
A flag is a piece of colored cloth that represents something.
-* Our country has a beautiful flag.
r inspect [inspekt] v.
To inspect is to look at something carefully.
-►The mechanic inspected our car to see if it had any problems.
r journal [d3a:msl] n.
A journal is a type of magazine that deals with an academic subject.
—Mi-young was busy working on an article for an artjournal.
r liquid [h’kwid] n.
A liquid is a substance that is neither solid nor gas.
Water is the most important liquid for life.
marvel [maxvsl] v.
To marvel at something is to feel surprise and interest in it.
->1/1/emarveled at her excellent piano playing.
r nutrient tryu:triant] n.
A nutrient is something that a living thing needs to keep it alive.
-* Vegetables are full of important nutrients.
r overcome [ouvarkAm] v.
To overcome a problem is to successfully fix it.
-*■She overcame her shyness and spoke in front of the class.
r recall triko:i] *
To recall something is to remember it.
-»She was trying to recall what she had told her friend.
r regret [ngret] *
To regret something is to wish that it didn’t happen.
->I regret that I was mean to my sister.
r soul [soul] n.
A soul is a person’s spirit.
-*Some people believe that the soul lives after the body dies.
r sufficient [safijsnt] adj.
When something is sufficient, you have enough of it.
->After eating a sufficient amount of food, I left the table.
r surgery [safari] n.
Surgery is medical treatment when the doctor cuts open your body.
-►I needed surgery to repair my leg after the accident.
r tough m adj.
If something is tough, it is difficult.
-» The man passed his driving test even though it was very tough.
r tube [t/u:b] n.
A tube is a pipe through which water or air passes.
-►The pile of tubes was going to be put in the ground.

The Doctor’s Cure
James Fry was a fantastic doctor. His surgeries helped many disabled people
overcome their injuries. He also wrote for a popular medical journal. James was
very busy. His son, Steve, rarely saw him.
One day, James was walking and inspecting a patient’s file. There was water
all over the floor. James slipped on the liquid and fell. He fell on a broken glass
tube. He was hurt.
Steve came to visit him in the hospital. James said, “ It will be tough for me to
stay in bed. But I can hardly bend my legs.”
“Then let’s watch a movie.” Steve said. It made them laugh together. Steve
said, “ I have to leave, but here’s some fiction to read.”
James started to recall fun parts of life. He marveled at small things, like
food. He was too busy to notice them before. “Steve,” he said, “you get more
nutrients when you chew slowly. But I think it makes
food taste better, too!”
Weeks later, James said, “Steve, I haven’t spent
enough time with you. I regret this. Even my soul feels
better when you visit. But I have spent sufficient time
here. We should go home.”
Outside, there was a warm breeze. James watched a
flag blow.
Finally, James said, “ I’m not ready to
work. I’m going to take a long bath. And
then we’ll watch a movie together.”