aircraft [carkrasft] n.
An aircraft is a vehicle that flies in the sky, such as an airplane or helicopter.
-+ At the museum in the airport, you can see a lot of old aircraft.
celebrity [salebrati] n.
A celebrity is someone who is famous.
-♦ It was the highlight of the evening when the celebrities arrived.
concrete [kdnkrkt] n.
Concrete is a substance made from stones.
-+ The man covered the ground with concrete.
decisive [disaisiv] adj.
If someone is decisive, they make decisions quickly.
-* Our boss is very decisive, so it did not take long to organize the project.
esteemed [istkmd] adj.
If someone is esteemed, many people like or respect them.
-* An esteemed scientist is coming to the university to talk about her discoveries.
ethical [eeikal] adj.
If something is ethical, it is the right thing to do.
-♦ Many people believe that it is ethical to help others in need.
extinct [iksti’qkt] adj.
– %
If plants or animals are extinct, there are none left.
-* There used to be dinosaurs all over the world, but now they are extinct.
h a r d y [ha:rdi] adj.
If a person or plant is hardy, it is strong and can live though difficult conditions.
-♦ The farmer is a hardy man and doesn’t mind working outside.
institute [instat/ir.t] n.
An institute is an organization that is interested in research or teaching.
-» I am going to a lecture about ancient Rome at the Historical Institute.
jealousy [d3elasi] n.
Jealousy is a feeling of wanting something that somebody else has.
-» She felt a lot of jealousy when she saw Luke with two girls.
migrate [maigreit] v.
To migrate means to move from one place to another.
-> Many birds migrate to warmer countries in the winter.
nurture [na:rtjar] v.
To nurture something means to care for it as it grows or develops.
-* Robert nurtured his plants, and that is why they grow so well.
overhead [ouvarhed] adv.
If something is overhead, it is located above you.
-» As we sat on top of the hill, a plane flew overhead.
principle [prmsapsl] n.
A principle is a belief about the correct way to behave.
-*■ To maintain principles, it’s vital to watch, listen, and speak carefully.
rural [ruaral] adj.
If a place is rural, it is in the countryside instead of the city.
-> I want to live in a small house in a rural area.
secluded [siklu:did] adj.
If a place is secluded, it is far away from any other place.
-» There was a secluded bench in the park.
S p e c ie S [spi:Ji(:)z] n.
A species is a type of plant or animal.
-* There are 21 different species of butterfly in this forest.
swamp [swamp] n.
A swamp is a very wet area of land.
-» There are lots of wild animals living in the swamp.
traverse [trsevars] V.
To traverse means to move or travel through an area.
-» The explorer traversed the desert alone on a camel.
zoology [zoualad3i] n.
Zoology is a subject in which people study animals.
-* Helen wants to study zoology because she has always liked animals.

Gilbert and the Lizard
Eliza disliked Australia. Firstly, she’d had to spend twenty uncomfortable hours on
an aircraft getting here. She wanted to go to the beach, but her husband was a zoology
professor and wanted to look for some interesting animals. So now she was traversing a
swamp in the midday heat.
“Let me sit down, Gilbert. I’m not hardy like you,” she said, eventually.
They sat under a tree. There were lots of birds in that secluded, rural place, and they
watched them flying overhead.
Then suddenly Gilbert saw something on a rock.
“That’s strange,” said Gilbert. “That looks like a Red
Swamp Lizard, but I thought that species was extinct.” He
carefully picked it up. “Yes, it is! I’m going to take it back to
the Zoology Institute. They will be filled with so much
jealousy when they see what I have found!”
“Are you sure we should take it from its home?”
asked Eliza.
“Nonsense, many animals migrate. They’re used to changes,” said Gilbert.
“Hmm, I don’t agree with the principle of it,” said Eliza. “It isn’t ethical.” But Gilbert
was decisive and took the lizard back to the hotel in the city. He thought that this find
would make him a highly esteemed celebrity at the Zoology Institute.
For the next few days, Gilbert fed and nurtured the lizard. But the lizard wasn’t happy.
It lost its beautiful red color and began to look ordinary. In fact, Gilbert started to wonder
whether it was special at all. He went outside and found a common lizard on a piece of
concrete. When he compared them, they looked exactly alike. The lizard was only red in
the swamp!
Gilbert said to Eliza, “I’m going to return this lizard to the swamp. I’ve learned an
important lesson. Home is where we are happiest. At home, we are special like the red
lizard. We can never be so happy when we are away.”
“Good,” said Eliza. “So, can we go home now?