Track 05

Librarian: Hello there. How can I help you?
John: I’m going to do a presentation on Mary Shelley, and I’d like to get some books on her.
Librarian: Okay. The biographies are on the third floor. I’ll write the aisle number down for you.
John: Thanks. I might use the Internet too and look for resources on there.
Librarian: That’s a good idea. If you’re going to use the Internet, have a look on the Great British Authors website.
John: Thanks, I will. I haven’t heard of that site before. Thanks very much for the
Librarian: That’s quite all right. Feel free to come and ask me any questions and I will do my best to help.


Track 06

Andy: Hi, is this the Student Affairs Office?
Carol: Yes, it is. I’m Carol. How can I help you?
Andy: Hi, I’m Andy. Well, I’m new at the University and I was told I needed to come here to complete my registration?
Carol: You’re in the right place yes.
Andy: Great!
Carol: Firstly, do you know your way around the campus?
Andy: No, it’s my first day. I’m going to explore later.
Carol: Well, hold on, I’ll give you a map of the University. Errmm… they’re just…
Andy: There are some over there on the wall. I’ll grab one.
Carol: Thanks, sorry about that. Have you organized your tour around the main
Andy: No, not yet. I’m going to go to the library later to do it.
Carol: I’ll do it for you here. There is a tour at 4.30 today. Shall I put you on that?
Andy: Yes, please that’d be great! I’m going to complete the New Student Form later on today. Do I bring that to you?
Carol: You can’t complete it yourself. You’ll need to go to the main administration office as one of the staff members there needs to fill the form out for you. It’s just by the main hall, you can’t miss it. You can get a visa form from them too, but you’ll need to send the confirmation yourself once you’ve completed the form.
Andy: I don’t need a visa, so I should be okay with that, but thanks.
Carol: Okay, can I help you with anything else?
Andy: Yes, please. There’s just so much to do, and I don’t know where to go for some things. Could you help me?
Carol: Yes, of course. It’s a bit daunting when it’s all new.
Andy: Well, at the moment I’m staying in a bed and breakfast. I left it a bit late to get some accommodation! But I’d like a place of my own. Do you know where I can find information about places I could rent?
Carol: Good job you asked! Lots of people go to the Adm inistrative Department
and then get sent back here to Student Affairs! Here’s the latest list of
Andy: Wow that was easy. And where can I get information on my rental agreement?
Carol: Well you need to find a place first before you get it checked, but I’ll do it when you’ve found somewhere.
Andy: Great. I’m going to register with the doctor later on at the Admin Department. Do they also have information on the area?
Carol:  You’ll need to go to Student Support to get a doctor, not Admin. They also have everything you need to know about the town. They’re really helpful. The Admin Department is really only there for official things such as visa regulations, loans and paying for your course.
Andy: Okay. Great. There’s so much to remember!
Carol:  There certainly is, but once you’re settled in it w ill a ll be much easier. Good luck!
Andy:Thanks for your help