Track 09

I’m going to ta lk about my grandmother on my fa th e r’s side. She is quite little and has white hair and glasses. I have glasses too. We’re the only people in the family that wear glasses! She is very old now and I don’t get to see her very often… I think I see her maybe two or three times a year. She lives quite far away in the countryside. It takes us about three hours to travel there. Whenever we visit, she always gives sweets to me. She’s important to me because she’s so kind and so nice, and I really love her. She’s definitely my favourite family
member! I think I take after her in some ways. We laugh at the same things and we both like reading. When we go and visit, we always go out w alkingin the fields and have a really lovely time. My dad always says that we’re very similar. I’d like to be as wise as her when I am older. I’d also like to have a similar life. She had a very successful career. She was a doctor and worked for charities. She was very much in love with my grandfather, which I think is lovely.