Track 11
Excuse me. Where I can fill up my water bottle?
There’s a water cooler just inside the main doors. Is this your first time here?
Yes, I just had my induction last week. I’m Anna.
Hi! I’m John. If you have any problems and I’m around, please just ask.
Have you been coming here long?
Yes. I’ve lived here all my life, just a couple of miles away. I started coming here when I was just a kid.
I suppose I’m quite a faithful member. My brother and father come here too!
Wow! That’s impressive!
Thanks. I enjoy it so much because it basically gives me so much energy for the day.It’s unusual
that I’m here at this time. I work pretty hard and so I try to fit it in before work usually. I start work at
seven, so I usually get in here by about five thirty.
Uh, it must still be dark at that time?
Yes, it is!
That must take some willpower!
It does but it’s worth it. You should try an early session; it really makes you feel good about the day!
How often are you planning on coming?
I was thinking maybe just twice a week at the beginning and then build up from there. What do you
That’s a good idea! When are you thinking of coming?
Probably evenings. Is it generally very busy then?
It can be. I came in the evening yesterday and it was quite busy. In fact, a funny thing happened. I was
on the treadmill and suddenly water started hitting me! It was the fire alarm! The sprinklers had gone
off. I was absolutely soaked! It was the first time anything like that has happened, but it was pretty
funny! Fortunately, it was a false alarm!
Ha ha! So much excitement at the gym. I think I’m going to enjoy this!

Track 12
Thank you for taking the time to see me today, Mr Jones. I’d just tike to take a minute to outline
our new step machines.
No problem, I’m interested in getting a few. We don ‘t have any in the gym yet.
That’s great. Well, let me talk you through the build of the step machine. If you have a look at the
sales brochure you can see what they look like on page 14.
These machines are two metres tall, so they tend to stand out. The tallest part is the holding
frame. At the top there we have the main grips. These grips, when they are held, monitor heart
rate so that the user can check they are working out at their optimum heart rate.
That’s great. And where does this rate show up?
They’ll be able to see it on the screen below. This screen is fully digital and shows not only their
heart rate, but the number of steps they’ve taken and the distance they’ve travelled. On the panel
there they also have a selection of workouts. They can set it by distance, or time, or by the amount
of calories they want to burn. They can even set it to climb a famous mountain or hill, or walk up
the Leaning Tower of Pisa for example!
That’s great, I like those more fun settings.
And the great thing is you can have people climbing up Mount Everest, for example, every day for
ten years and this machine will still be in perfect working order. It’s made to last. It not only has a
metallic spine but durable pedals made from the most high-tech materials on the market.
And the machine works via a wheel in the centre? That’s unusual, isn’t it?
Yes, it is, but we find a central wheel lasts much longer than a pump system. The central wheel
is attached to a bracket which ensures each step movement is as smooth as the last. The final
feature I should point out to you is the side supports, which ensure safety for all machine users.
If users feel tired, they can hold on to these and slow down their stepping!
I see! Well, I think I might take three of them.

Track 13
OK, Alice, I just need a few more details to start your membership. Your full name is Alice Wilson
No, Watson.
Oh yes! I’m sorry. Which age range are you?
Well, I’m just out of the 16-25 bracket! I’m 26 now.
Great, 26-35.
And do you have any health problems which may affect your exercise?
No. I don’t have any health conditions.
I’ll put none. Do you do any exercise at the moment?
Not much. I exercise a couple of times a week.
And what do you do?
, I used to play tennis, but I stopped. Now I only go swimming.
OK … And why have you decided to join up?
Just to improve my fitness. I don’t want to lose any weight or build muscles or anything!
Fine. Well, I would recommend doing the Level 2 workout programme to begin with. It takes about
forty minutes to do the whole programme. I’ll get you an information sheet so you can see what it

Track 14
Hi, Penny. How are you doing? Have you just been to the gym?
Hi, Debbie. I’m good, thanks. Yes, I’ve just finished a workout. How are you?
Yes, good. I’m planning on going to the gym later but it’s hard finding the time now I’ve got a child!
I bet it is! Have you tried any of their new exercise classes?
Yes, I tried some last week. I wanted to go to yoga, but it was full up. I went to the dance class
instead. It was really fun. Oh! And kickboxing last Thursday too. That was exhausting.
, you didn’t miss much at yoga. I went there last Friday and it was far too hard. I couldn’t do
most of the exercises!
Oh no! Are you going to try anything else?
Well, I was thinking of trying the aerobics class.
My friend did that one, and said the instructor was awful.
Well, I’ll probably give it a miss then. I’ve got to go to a conference next week anyway, so I’ll be
away from Tuesday to Friday.
Oh, lucky you!

Track 15
Hello, and welcome to Smith’s Gym.
Hi there. I’d like to become a member.
, of course. We just need to fill out a couple of forms, and then I can show you around the gym.
That would be great.
Let’s start with the membership form. Can I have your name, please?
Yes, sure. Brad Simmons.
Is that Simmons with a ‘d’ or without?
Without. S-l-M-M-O-N-S.
Got it! And can I take a contact number, please?
Yes, sure … It ’s 0498355521 [0-4-9-8-3-treble 5-2-1].
OK … 0498355531.
No, uh, it’s 2-1 at the end.
Great. And do you have an email address?
Yes. Brad zero seven at elemnet dot com. That ’s e-l-e-m-n-e-t dot com.
Right. Now, we’ve got three membership types here: bronze, which is just off peak and costs
£21.00 a month; silver, which means you can use the gym at all times – this is £36.50. Or for just
£5 more you can get a gold membership, which gives you free access to the squash and tennis
courts and all classes.
For now I think I’ll just take the silver.
That’s fine, sir. That’ll be £36.50 a month.
Great. When can I start?
, you’ll need to have an induction first … We have spaces at two thirty, four forty-five, and
eight fifteen tomorrow. Would any of these be suitable?
I can’t do tomorrow. Do you have anything for Saturday?
Is that the twelfth of November?
No. it’s the eleventh.
Yes … Yes that’s fine. Would two thirty be OK?
That’s fine.
I’ll book you in with our trainer Rob Ellis. Now, would you like me to show you around?
That would be great.
OK, follow me. Let’s go up the stairs to the main equipment room— As you can see, we have all
the treadmills, bikes and rowing machines in here. And the weights are in the corner.
Great. And is that the pool over there? Can I use that with my membership?
Yes, at any time. Just go through the glass doors on the left. As you can see, the pool is
dominated by the diving board at the far end. It’s impressively tall, and on the right hand side
of the pool you can see we have two lanes. The first one is a slow lane for those who are trying
to improve their fitness. It gets really busy! The lane on the far right is what we call the club
lane. Because we reserve this for people who have membership, it is slightly less busy and the
members can get a really good workout in it.
That sounds great!
, it is good. And then near us you can see a smaller area sectioned off nearly halfway across
the pool. This area is where we put the school groups which come in the late afternoons during
the week. Usually from about four. We keep them confined to that space so that the other end
can be used for free swimming.
And what is the little round pool for?
We call that the toddlers pool. It’s not very deep, and the mothers often bring their children in to
teach them to swim in it.
Great. Well, I am glad I can use the pool. It will be good to vary my exercise.
Definitely. When do you think you’ll be coming?
Most likely in the evenings. I ’d like to come on Saturdays, but I often work then, so I think I’ll
have to miss that day and then come on Sundays.
, so you’ll be a regular visitor? That ’s great news ! Can I ask why you chose Smith’s Gym?
Well, actually the television advert prompted me to join. It makes exercising look so much fun! I
always thought going to the gym would be monotonous.
No, not at all. It can be a lot of fun.
My aim is to reach my optimum fitness. At the moment I think I’m a bit unhealthy, so I’d like to
change that.
Well, give it some time and I’m sure you will. Now, shall we go back and complete the payment