1. wait wait for sth (to do sth); wait and see
  2. warn warn sb about/against sth/doing; warn sb of sth; warn sb not to do
  3. washing-up do the washing-up
  4. waste be a waste of time; waste your time; industrial/household waste
  5. watch watch sth; watch (out) for sth; keep watch; wear a watch
  6. way lose/make/find your way; in a way; on the way; go all the way (to sth)
  7. weather weather forecast; be under the weather
  8. week all (last/this/next) week willing be willing to do
  9. wonder wonder about sth/doing; wonder if/whether/why + clause
  10. work do some work; go to work; be at work; work as sth; work for sb; work hard; be out of work
  11. world all over the world; around the world; the whole world; in the world; world record worry worry about sth/doing; be worried (that) + clause
  12. worth be worth sth/doing
  13. write write about sth/doing; write sth down; write sth (to sb); write sb sth
  14. wrong do wrong; do the wrong thing; be wrong; be the wrong thing to do; go wrong; the wrong way up